On this page, you may set a new password for your GOC account, if you have forgotten or lost your old password.

Prerequisite to using this service, is that you know your student number, and that you have registered your mobile phone number in StudentWeb.If you have not registered your mobile phone number, or are unsure what numer is registered in Student, you shold check this before proceeding.

The adress to StudentWeb is: https://www.studweb.no/as/WebObjects/studentweb?inst=HiG

NOTE: If you modify or add information in StudentWeb, these changes may take up to half an hour to be available here!

Forgotten password

Enter your Social security number and your student number, then click "Send me code" to recieve a four-digit code via SMS.You will use the access-code on the next page, as a substitute for your forgotten password.

Social Security Number